We have changed the way complex steel constructions are produced

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is made possible by bringing together all required technologies, people and infrastructure. We base our work on modular engineering. Not only to improve the sales- to-production process but also to improve the engineering-to delivery-process. To make you able to create higher variety for your customer and deliver your products faster in a cost effective way.

We believe we can make a difference in the production of large complex constructions based on steel

Cost efficient

Engineering complex steel constructions requires significant investments in software and people. We have both infrastructure and experienced people available for our customers. We can support you from the first creative new product ideas, through to detailed engineering and production.

You only pay for what you need. We are based in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of Tesanj traditionally known for its industrial infrastructure and skilled steelworkers and engineers. Being in Bosnia we are also able to deliver our services against very competitive cost.

Less product cost

Our goal is to develop our designs according to customer specifications, however we also know that a product has to be produced. We believe that clever engineering concepts are focused on efficient production processes.  We have most of the production capabilities available, but clever designs and production processes make it possible to produce a product with less production cost.

Because we’re situated in Bosnia, we are also able to deliver our services against very competitive cost.


More variety

Modular engineering makes it possible to make more variety to your products. You can easily add or change modules. Together with Henk Jan Pels we developed a concept for modular engineering that fits our type of products. So you have more variety of products without the traditional high developments cost.

If you want we can even support you with configurators to support your salesforce in managing variety and to reduce the sales-to-production cost.

Bosnian based

We are a ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 certified steel construction company located in a low cost country under Western European management. Next to making your product according to your specifications, we can also offer you additional services such as engineering, project management, on site installation, purchasing, logistics and import and export services. Without a complete quality check, a product never leaves our factory.

We add value to complex steel constructions, with innovation. We believe in ourselves as one team. to support you.

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