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Hemtech finds its roots in the Dutch trailer builder Jumbo Groenewegen and the Bosnian steel construction builder BME and steel trader Eurometali. Together they believed that the engineering of large steel construction could improve by adding innovative engineering and production concepts.

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Modular design is the basis for configurable products

We've changed the way complex steel constructions are produced

Business process outsourcing is made possible by bringing together all required technologies, people and infrastructure. We base our work on modular engineering. Not only to improve the sales-to-production process, but also to improve the engineering-to-delivery-process.


To make you able to create higher variety for your customer and deliver your products faster in a cost effective way.

About Hemtech

We are a specialized steel construction company based in Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We add value to complex steel constructions, with innovation. We believe in ourselves as one team, to support you.

Hemtech is part of a Dutch based international group, which stated off with creating trailers for trucks. The growth strategy of the group has brought in new clients from other markets, which made us increase out capabilities.

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Modular engineering makes Hemtech more flexible towards their customer’s needs

Modular engineering can be very complicated when you want to customize an end product to your customer’s needs. For instance, if you change one module, it can have far reaching effects on other modules. I found a way to make modular engineering simple and I trained the Hemtech engineers to work with this system. They use an independence check for their modules, so they can make changes in any module without consequences to all other modules. By using a list of explicitly formulated constraints, they quickly see which other amendments they need to make. This makes Hemtech more flexible towards their customer’s needs.

Henk Jan Pels
Universitair hoofddocent bedrijfskundige informatica TU Eindhoven

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One of our focus point is supporting women to develop themselves in this male dominated industry.

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